Modern Smile Aligners

What Are Modern Smile Aligners?

Modern Smile Aligners are designed and made locally at Modern Orthodontist. Using the latest technology, we bring patients a new treatment option that is both efficient and affordable.

Faster Result, More Affordable

We take out the middle man by manufacturing the aligners in the office, allowing us to bring quality treatment faster and more affordably.

Modern Smile Aligner ‐ the benefit is Clear!

Made out of crystal‐clear plastic, your friends will hardly notice that they are there!
Smooth and perfectly fitted to your teeth, the aligners gently guide your teeth to the right position.
You can get your first aligners on the same day of consultation and start seeing results in 3 months!
Eat what you like! Take it out when you have an important event!
Because we cutout the middleman and manufacture the aligners ourselves, you can enjoy clear aligner treatment at nearly half the cost of other systems!
Removable aligners allow you to brush and floss your teeth with ease.