Get a Free Orthodontic Consultation from the Comfort of Your Home

Modern Orthodontist Offers Virtual Exams to Make Getting Started More Convenient

How The Virtual Consultation Works

  1. Send us your smile photos, be careful to make the pictures as clear as possible. The better the pictures, the more we can understand about how your teeth look and fit together. Follow the instructions below.
  2. After we receive your photos, our treatment coordinators will work on preparing an estimate for you that includes possible treatment options, treatment length, and costs.* We will even verify your dental insurance to let you know what benefits your insurance plan will offer.
  3. After reviewing your treatment plan, schedule an appointment to get started! At this visit, we will take your official medical records (taking pictures you cannot take at home), make a final plan for your treatment, and get started!

*Please note that your treatment plan is not final until you meet with Dr. Yang for a formal consultation including a thorough review of your medical records.

Taking your Smile Photos instructions

  • As a general guideline, it helps to have a friend take them.
  • You may use a spoon to get the cheeks out of the way.
  • This is very important: you must fully bite down as you naturally would on your back teeth when taking the photos; this allows us to understand how your teeth fit together.
  • See the photos below for an example!


Front Bite

Right Bite

Left Bite

Top Jaw

Bottom Jaw