Phase 1 Treatment

In most cases, orthodontic problems do not need correcting until the patient is in his or her teen years. However, some types of orthodontic abnormalities can be corrected in childhood. The orthodontic abnormalities treated in childhood are severe and may require surgical intervention or tooth pulling if treated past childhood.

All children should be evaluated by an orthodontist on or around their seventh birthday in order to identify significant problems early enough to treat them with appliances alone. At this key age, children still have a mix of baby and adult teeth which means your orthodontist will be able to evaluate the permanent bite relationship with ease.

Following the recommendations of your Tomball doctor is always important but it is especially vital in the case of early treatment. Benefits of early treatment include:

  • Improved development of permanent teeth
  • The opportunity to correct bad habits
  • Avoiding orthognathic surgery and the need to pull teeth
  • Guide the growth of teeth and jaw bones
  • Create a balanced profile
  • Boost self-esteem

Even if you do not think your child will require early intervention, they should be seen by a doctor. Only a trained professional can tell what is or is not a significant issue.