Cutting Edge Technology Changing Your Smile

Anyone who has ever worn traditional metal braces knows they leave a lot to be desired. That is why many in the field of orthodontics have looked to improve upon them. One of the most innovative options is Inbrace.

What Is Inbrace?
Inbrace is a lingual braces system. To put that more plainly, they are braces that go on the tongue—or lingual—side of the teeth. We use advanced computer modeling and AI algorithms to design the braces for each patient, ensuring we take the shortest possible path between where the teeth are now and where they will be when treatment is complete. Since they are efficient, Inbrace braces use less force than other forms of orthodontic treatment.
Fewer Lifestyle Changes
Inbrace is designed in three dimensions. This allows patients to brush and floss like normal throughout treatment. And since they are hidden behind the teeth, they require less concern and attention throughout the day.

Space-Age Materials
Inbrace Smartwires are made from nitinol, also known as shape memory wire. It has been used for decades in cardiac implants, and now, it delivers precise, friction-free tooth movement. These wires can move teeth simultaneously in all six directions.


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Advanced technology, proven effective, and Invisible? Yep—that’s INBRACE!

Placed on the tongue side of the teeth, INBRACE is the invisible route to a better smile. Plastic aligners wrap around the teeth, giving the system better function while still preventing visibility.

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INBRACE manages to offer state-of-the-art care without the typical price tag. For roughly the same price as Invisalign, you get convenient and efficient treatment.

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You are unique, and so is your smile. With INBRACE, you get an appliance that is fully customized to you.

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With plastic aligners, you have to remove them for every meal and drink. INBRACE can safely and discreetly stay in place.

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INBRACE smartwires mean you can brush and floss like you always have. This makes it so much easier to keep your teeth healthy while getting them straight.

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Since your appliance is hidden, there is no reason to feel awkward about being in treatment. You can live life to the fullest while in treatment with INBRACE.